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Hebasca Hotel

Hebasca Hotel


Hebasca Hotel is a brand new hotel located in Bude, Cornwall. The hotel ensures its customers relax in stylish and comfortable surroundings.

Hebasca contacted Inside Out in need of contemporary and original lighting that would promote relaxation and uphold the hotels stylish image. We immediately knew the perfect piece to supply for the project, the Happy Apple hanging light. This polyethylene light has a modern, unique and energy efficient design. The polythene outer shell glows when illuminated creating the illusion of a floating orb of light, this produces a calming, soothing environment in which the guests could relax and unwind. Such a design was perfect for the Hebasca hotel and the oversized all white casing complemented the colours used within the hotel.


Hebasca Hotel


Downs View, Bude, North Cornwall

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