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The Perfectionists' Cafe Cafe

The Perfectionists' Cafe


Heston Blumenthal’s The Perfectionists’ Café, inspired by his "In Search of Perfection" TV series, serves customers with exceptional service & style. Situated within the departure lounge of London Heathrow Airport, the restaurant caters to the needs of the sophisticated traveller who enjoys a sense of adventure, offering futuristic nitrogen frozen ice cream or whisky-based cocktails topped with tobacco-infused dry ice.

To fulfil these elite demands the Café had to offer not only a refined cuisine, but an appealing and unique aesthetic as well. Inside Out rose to the challenge together with AfroditiKrassa and Barnwood Shopfitting. Inside Out were enlisted to provide furniture that would add contemporary quality and a vintage charm to the venue while being resilient enough to accommodate a high number of visitors every day.

The Ice cube table bases were the ideal choice as their cast iron inner is designed specifically for contract use. The Candy Bar table base was offered in a black powder coated finish to match the leather, marble and wood interior. Supplying the perfect furniture for the location Inside Out Contracts Ltd helped the concept of The Perfectionists’ Café come to life in the space created: lush, exquisite food in a comfortable relaxing atmosphere. Just what the perfectionist needs to calm his pre-flight nerves!


The Perfectionists' Cafe


Heathrow Airport, London

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