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Inside Out Contracts has always been ecologically aware and our forward thinking approach has enabled all processes and resources to be evaluated from an environmental perspective from the outset. This has enabled fundamental ecological precepts to be embraced and implemented without additional cost, or unnecessary disruption to the smooth running of the company.

All of the factories that we use strictly adhere to and usually surpass their countries’ environmental legislation. Wherever it is commercially viable we source materials and products locally to reduce unnecessary transportation. All importation is carried out in an efficient manner to reduce commercial and environmental overheads.

Packaging materials are kept to a minimum and re-used as often as possible. All cardboard boxes are re-used. Blankets and paper packing are used in place of non-recyclable plastic bubble wrap whenever suitable. Pallets are used where possible, and re-used until they reach the end of their useful life. Our environmental policy embraces all aspects of the company including working practices within our head office and showroom, as well as our warehouse.

Computers and technology which have reached the end of their commercial use have been donated to charities wherever possible. Spent cartridges and inkjet cartridges are reused. All paper products which can no longer be re-used are recycled. Simple measures such as issuing quotes, pro formas and invoices electronically and the use of glasses in place of plastic cups also help to reduce unnecessary consumption.

Many products are supplied for assembly – meaning replacement of individual components is always a valid option. All timber chairs are produced from timber obtained from sustainable sources. This means if you buy a timber chair from Inside Out you can be sure you are actively endorsing the planting of trees and the correct management of the world’s natural resources.

Inside Out are proud to be taking positive action to protect the environment and will ensure that we continually improve our performance, always prevent pollution and comply with all applicable environmental legislation.

Our furniture is of a high quality and durable. The designs are both contemporary and classic and designed to last. This we feel is in itself a valuable contribution to the environment.

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