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When you plan to refurnish your restaurant, café, bar, hotel or lounge there is not only a decision to make about the furnishing’s shapes, materials or prices but also the colour. Often we take colours for granted because we are always surrounded by them but in fact it impacts our lives in many ways. Colours stimulate our senses and effect our emotions, feelings, moods, well-being and mind at both a conscious and subconscious level and are therefore a powerful but often underestimated psychological tool. They can stimulate, excite, depress, tranquilize and even whet the appetite, increase the blood pressure and create a feeling of warmth or coolness.

So when you want to change your restaurant furniture, bar furniture or hotel furniture you should be aware of the colours’ different meanings and their influence on how people perceive the area around them. Light and cool colours can make a small space seem bigger. Dark and warm colours can be used in large rooms to keep the space from feeling huge. Also it is important to know which atmosphere you want to create. If you want a comfortable, calming and relaxing ambience for your lounge, a nice blue, violet and green is maybe better as an exciting and energising red or orange. These eye-catching warm colours are perfect for bar and restaurant furniture, because they stimulate the people’s appetite, make them stay longer and eat more, in marked contrast to blue or purple which decreases appetite for people learned that food having these colours is often toxic. But it also comes down to the combination of colours which has to be chosen carefully. A too bright- and warm-coloured room can easily irritate person’s eyes and can even cause aggressiveness. And a furnishing which is exceptional dark- and cold coloured can make people depressive or bad-tempered. Thus when it comes to choice of colours for your restaurant bar furniture or outdoor restaurant furniture there should be a balance between warm and cold colours and no overuse of one of it.

While perceptions of colour are somewhat subjective, there are some colours effects that have universal meaning – for example the colour black has in almost every culture a negative purport. Moreover it should be also noted that many cultural differences exist on perceived colour meanings and preference. In Western countries green is a lucky colour associated with nature, regeneration, hope and new life whereas in South America it is associated with death and in Indonesia it is even forbidden.

So there is a lot that has to be considered when choosing the colour of your bar and restaurant furniture and hotel, café or lounge furniture. Inside Out can help you with the decision about the colour and shape of your hospitality furniture so that you get the atmosphere in your restaurant or bar that you want to have.
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