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I have had a fantastic time as an intern at Inside Out. Over the last couple of months I have done a whole host of things from photographing our products in the showroom, choosing fabric for our ranges, taste testing the treats for the #MilanArrivesInLondon showroom launch and writing all sorts of cheesy puns. The prize for my cheesiest pun goes to: Ribbon Chair ‘let this exquisite piece of design tie your interior together’ – also the cutest piece I uploaded, go and check it out.

From L-R: Going to @parlezlocal on opening Sunday – it was delish & one of our recent projects with Blacksheep; The Design Museum was a great inspiration for writing product descriptions @pcopeland_design; #MilanArrivesInLondon showroom launch; photographing products in our showroom; this trusty Pantone 172 mug served me well in the office; packing up parcels for our post-launch mail out; Taste testing treats; Shortlisting fabric for our updated Range A, B and C, coffee included; my favourite portfolio (ssh it’s not actually up yet) – Oddsocks! I loved how quirky and fun the combination of pieces and colours were.

It’s been a pleasure but its ciao for now!

2 thoughts on “Cheers, Cheese and Chairs – My Internship at Inside Out

  1. Great Blog Philippa! It was great having you here and I am glad your enjoyed your time with Inside Out crowd! Sabina – Sales team 🙂

  2. Its been a pleasure having you on board Philippa
    – you have been a great team player and a real asset to the marketing team.
    Wishing you all the best for the future

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