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Do you have a particular idea in mind for your creating furniture to fit exactly for your venue? Would you like to have an eye-catching and memorable piece of furniture that no one else has? Then the bespoke services from Inside Out Contracts are the perfect solution. We make bespoke furniture for bars, clubs, restaurant, cafes and lounges as well as hotels, universities and waiting rooms.contract_107

contract_190Inside Out manufactures hand made bespoke built-in seating. Your personal built-in seating can be for example booth, wall-fixed, low, deep buttoned or horizontal fluting, but there are a lot more options. Furthermore we can construct any piece of furniture to any dimensions. Whether it should be an individual sofa, chair, table, beds, wall panelling or bar front, Inside Out is able to produce everything you imagined.

rc_additional_720Because we are a company that sets great value upon the happiness and satisfaction of our customers, we will meet at first to speak about your visions so that we understand what you require. After talking with you and consulting you about the layout options, you have the possibility to choose from our wide range of beautiful fabrics and finishes. We can also use your own fabric, provided it meets CRIB 5 standards.

Then our highly-trained design team starts to create a 3D computer model so that you can visualize how your newly refurbished contract area will look like. At this point of the process modifications are still possible and after your approval, the manufacturing of your furniture starts production. Finally, we arrange the installation of your new furniture at a date that suits you and ensure we meet any deadline requests so that you do not have to worry about.

bespoke-seating-6If you are thinking of an exceptional design or piece of furniture just give us a call on +4420 8305 3130 and we will be happy to listen to your wishes and advise you. Also have a look at our bespoke section to see examples of successful bespoke seating.