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Kick-start your year on the right track with Inside Out Contracts carefully curated collection of fabrics and designs inspired by 2016’s latest trends; 16 Reasons to Celebrate 2016. From retro geometric patterns to opulent marble and metallic details; get ready for the new year in expert style.

Happy Metal armchair and the AMEX VIP Lounge


Fluid geometric patterns according to Interior Design Trailblazers Apartment Therapy and Macala Wright are blowing up in a big way. From illusionist cubism to retro London trains, Inside Out have the inside scoop on the best fabrics utilising this trend.

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Metallic metals have continued to permeate the design trends from 2015 onwards, following the Mid-century Modern boom and the cleverly minimalist Scandinavian styles. Paired with marble for tables or used as but only a minute detail, the trend in metallic metals from brass to rose gold have proven their timelessness; referenced even by renowned forecasters, Trend Bible.

  Masters Metallic chair Portobello armchairIce Cube antique copper table Spoke table


Incoming trend forecasts also reference a revered opulence with modern minimalism, sensual materials and colour therapy in gentle pinks and blue which all contribute to the overall 2016 macro trend of wellness, cited by WGSN. Here are our top picks below to start off the New Year on-trend.

 Bouchon tall stool

Lahti lounge wage

  Albert side chair Happy Metal armchairHampstead side chair

Tio square dining table Ebb Sofa

Martini swivel chair