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Introducing Hotel, Spa & Healthcare, our third and fourth installments in our collection of six brochures showcasing the best and latest releases in furniture design for commercial interiors.

The highly anticipated collective brochures follow the launch of the
Café & Restaurant and Bar & Lounge brochures, providing an expert guide for inspiration and furniture selection.

spa healthcare pg9spa healthcare pg14

Now available for download via our website, the NEW brochures feature a range of beautifully crafted furniture, handmade in our UK workshop and from leading manufacturers throughout the world.

From luxurious styles to sumptuous lounges, this brochure provides a comprehensive furnishing solution for all projects – big or small.

prod_main_3139Rust stool
lobby sofa linden coffee carnaby combo
Mojito sofa



grosvenorChamonix stool ernestPapeete ciel side chair

spa healthcare pg7BOX Double 1_V1brochure avail_spa&heal

Other collective brochures include:

Café & Restaurant

Bar & Lounge


Education & Workplace *coming soon*

So stay tuned for the next edition and an exclusive look at our latest projects and products.