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Matt Damon gives an out-of-this-world performance in the set blockbuster From FOX studios The Martian. The movie depicts a lone astronaut left behind on a failed mission to Mars, and his quest to defy all odds and survive on a hostile planet.

Inside Out Contracts were lucky enough to have our own starring role within the film, supplying a number of furniture pieces that can be seen throughout many of the crucial scenes.

Working on this unique project, we talk to Stevie from Inside Out Contracts as she reflects on the particular design requirements and the adaption of a futuristic space-age brief:

“Our furniture is used in many scenes throughout the film including psychological training for Matt Damon starring as Mark Watney. Requiring modern and timeless pieces, The Martian film is set in approximately 2050.

We kept the theme monochrome using black, white and chrome finishes to suit the NASA and sci-fi appearance, whilst showing appreciation to the design classics and icons of modern furniture design (Barcelona Daybed, Eames Lounge Chair and Knoll Lounge Chair).

Creating a careful combination of furniture that could be used flexibly in a selection of settings, the film’s set design presents a contemporary statement with additional pieces such as the famed Sundial by Kartell prompting an affluent depiction of a futuristic NASA.”

Still from Martian Movie

Still from Martian Movie

The Martian is in cinemas now across the UK and has already been heralded as one of 2015’s best movies with record box office sales of over $55 million in its US opening weekend.