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M Restaurants needs little in the way of introduction.

Incorporating 2 restaurants, bar, private dining rooms, and a dedicated wine shop, M can only be described as a destination rather than a typical high-end restaurant. Now in hot-pursuit for total domination of London’s fine dining scene, M has taken a second residence this time in Victoria.

BOX2_V3 BOX 1_v3

Featuring opulent and alluring interiors, Inside Out Contracts worked with the designers behind M Restaurants to supply the new coveted destination with a range of bespoke and high end furnishings. Feature_ALLURE Feature_LUSSO

For a full list of products used and technical information please see the
M Restaurants portfolio here.

BOX 1_v4 BOX2_V1BOX2_V2BOX2_V7 BOX2_V8 BOX 1_v2