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We are delighted to present a collaboration with our partner Vescom with the new ‘+print’ Collection that allows upholstery to be printed with your personal design, making your restaurant furniture even more impressive!

Offering to print upholstery with your personalised design opens a whole new world of exciting opportunities. It’s now possible to enhance your contract furniture with a company’s logo, interesting graphic designs or even a photo giving your restaurant, bar, hotel or lounge an exceptional unique look that no-one else has and will leave a lasting impression! Printing the upholstery of your bar and restaurant furniture creates a special and inimitable atmosphere. Naturally we plan everything together with you so that it is ensured that your imagined design is realised and your restaurant furniture looks outstanding.

The upholstery is in white Java composed of 100% polyurethane on a polyester/cotton backing. Vescom’s whole product range is made for the international contract market. The printed Java upholstery is flame-retardant, wear-resistant and a high rub count for extended durability and extended service life.

If this is of interest and you are looking for personalized furniture for your restaurant, bar, hotel or lounge, just give us a call on +4420 8305 3130 and we will be happy to help you.