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Living and working in one of Europe’s greatest cities is kind of a big adventure. There is plenty to see and it feels like everything is ten times bigger, louder, busier and more exciting than what I am used to. I feel so small in this big city, while I have seen so many things you realise that there is so many left to explore. The most impressive thing is the verity of cultures, people and languages that are woven together to create this electric city.


London contains loads of districts which belong to 32 London boroughs. Each district has its own beauty and charm and I am happy to spend most of my time in one the nicest places in London – Greenwich. Where our mean solar time is set, with a picturesque view of the London skyline and where my workplace is based. As one of the most respected names in that industry Inside Out Contracts sells contract furniture to an array of contemporary businesses from restaurants and hotels to bars and lounges and is where I find myself working within the marketing department.

Entering the building you are directly welcomed inside their London showroom, showcasing the latest designer chairs, tables, bar stools and sofas. It makes working so much more fun being surrounded by such nice products. This must be the feeling the clients must have.

After my four weeks of language school I started my placement here and I directly felt at home when I entered the showroom. So I am really looking forward to working here and making the most of this experience.


See you soon!!!

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